When in Romania

When in Romania

I am back on my blog, writing from Romania now, but this time not for relating some of my experiences, but for sharing with you some of my summer plans (also with the aim of finding some partners to join me these trips). Despite going abroad for maybe one or two weeks, this summer I plan to visit Romania, my beautiful country, encouraged by my time in the Czech Republic (I’ve realized that I’ve been traveling a quarter of Europe but not a quarter of Romania).

I’ve been searching for one month now for inspiration on Pinterest and I’ve finally managed to make a list with the major must-sees in Romania. Saving and saving pins, I found myself very surprised and the end of this research. If when I started this list I was mainly focused on Moldoveanu peak (the tallest peak in Romania, 2544m), on Maramures (maybe the most beautiful region of Romania from what I’ve seen and heard) and on the Muddy Volcanoes (I was there when I was younger but I want to see that place again), after scrolling on Pinterest I’ve realized that I have to stop because the summer is too short for enjoying Romania as I should.  At the end, I was trying to categorize all the 50 saved pins according to the region, the purpose of the trip (city tours versus hiking trips) and according to my will to go there. I am still not decided at all but at least I’ve managed to build this map because every single map that I could find on the Internet omits at least ten of my targets.


I am pretty sure that your first thought after you had seen this map was kind of ‘Ok, babe, you claim yourself as being sick of wanderlust, but what have you been doing so far?’ and I am actually glad to respond to this question. My dear, Romania is much more than 50 pins on a map. Romania is around 50 pins per square kilometer and every single person that crossed Bucharest’s border can relate that. I am not saying that Bucharest is not a beautiful city (The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest is the second largest building in the world right after the Pentagon in the United States and the city is also tagged as ‘The little Paris’ due to its architecture) but judging Romania according to it is like judging a fish according to its ability to climb up in a tree.

And do not worry, vampires will not hunt you if you go in Transylvania (reading suggestion: ‘The Castle in the Carpathians’ by Jules Verne), bears will not attack you if you go hiking in the Carpathian Mountains and neither octopuses/octopi (still not sure about the plural form) will kill you if you swim in the Black Sea. So why not take chances? (WARNING!!! You will probably fall for a Romanian girl, no matter of your gender.)

I know I may not sound so believable and you may not trust me because it is kind of normal for me to say good things about my country, trying to promote its tourism and so on, so I’ve searched on the Internet some things about Romania from some foreigners’ perspectives. For the time being, I am going to access random.org to find out what place I will backpack next. Lots of hugs and see you somewhere in Romania!




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